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Hundred Seventy Split
Hundred Seventy Split
Hundred Seventy Split
Hundred Seventy Split
Hundred Seventy Split

December 2018
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Hundred Seventy Split

Here is a review from the ASB Bahnhof Bashe

Hundred Seventy SplitThe English translation: Barsinghausen. There was a big load of Bluesrock at the special concert of the band "Hundred Seventy Split" on Saturday night at the ASB station in Barsinghausen. The band was founded in 2010 by the "Woodstock Legend" (Ten Years After) Leo Lyons and is currently presenting their fourth album "Tracks" on an extended tour. And the band had a lot of stage experience and also a lot of fun with live performances, the visitors of the concert in the station could convince themselves.

Together with Joe Gooch (guitar and vocals) and Damon Sawyer (drums), Leo Lyons (bass), with his charisma as an absolute music legend, had the audience quickly on his side and could convince the musical connoisseurs. Joe Gooch, on the other hand, could not only convince with his perfect voice, but also showed on the guitar what he can and he proved that he was undoubtedly one of the best guitarists ever to play at the station.

"Hundred Seventy Split" was created to rock uncompromisingly beyond the borders of "Ten Years After", and the three musicians did it from the first to the last minute of this extraordinary concert. With a lot of power and energy, the three musicians put the good old blues rock on stage and created a concert highlight at the ASB station, which will be remembered for a long time. And, of course, there were a couple of real "Ten Years After" classics like "Love Like a Man" or "Going Home". This ingenious and uncompromisingly good exceptional concert was very popular with the audience, which in part had accepted a long journey.

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Hundred Seventy Split

Road report - November 2016

Hundred Seventy Split

We had the day before at The Cadillac Three in Cologne Luxor still the impetuous music offspring in the form of hard-hitting Southern Rocks peaked, the next evening the next gig, but again in the sign of our age class ... Hundred Seventy split appeared in the domestic Black Eagle. And so, in the Rheinberger Blues Club, which was pretty well filled for a weekday, many people who had already entered the youth of the age, like us, had also found a place to go.

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The trio with bass legend Leo Lyons, guitars-wizard Joe Gooch and drummer Damon Sawyer, is almost in a breath with the cult band Ten Years After, which is parallel is still active. Lyons was a TYA original member, Gooch had already replaced Alvin Lee for a long time. Therefore, of course, some classics from good old times were given to the best.

Joe had to fight this evening with a sore throat and had been given medical care by Adler owner Ernst Barten. But he did not notice anything, and with a slightly hoarse voice pulled the show professionally. Especially his filigree guitar art was worth the visit alone. A real wizard.

Leo Lyons, now in the seventies, performed the song announcements with a charming and humorous style in the style of a British gentleman, proving that even at the age of the age, you can still fly nimble and energetic, your fingers can fly over a string instrument. Towards the end, he took the strings for two tracks, then on the big contrabass. Drummer Damon Sayer remained only the role in the background, but he filled it with powerful and effective drumming pleasantly.

The opening of the concert, which was divided into two sets, was marked by "The Game" (with psychedelic short-winds) and the swampy "I Grew Up In The Muddy Waters". The first fodder for the nostalgic in the room was "Fifty Thousand Miles Beneath My Brain". Other copies of Anno were given in the form of "Good Morning Little School Girl" and "Love Like A Man" at the end of the first half. Class in this set also the Slow Blues "Going Home" (from "The World Will not Stop"), in which Gooch brought for me the best of his many quirilgen Soli. He really does not have to hide behind the likes of Joe Bonamassa & Co. in terms of his playful quality.

The second part was in no way the first. In the beginning, the orientally packaged "Looking For A Sign", for which Joe used a special electric guitar, but then for the end solo again came back to his highly maltreated turquoise-white-colored Stratocaster. The pompous "Pork Pie Hat", the footstomper "Coming Back Around" and the blues traditional "Devil To Pay" (for both, Leo contrabass), the strong "Gonna Dance On Your Tombstone", as well as the countryeske Schunkler "Tennessee Plates "(at the request of the audience), again with wonderfully lively gooch solos, were the next milestones.

The smoother groovy rocker "The Smoke" (Leo makes his bass heavily pumping) formed the capricious conclusion of the main part. The enthusiastic audience demanded vehement attention and was rewarded with the "King Of The Blues" (remembered live at ZZ Tops "La Grange") and last but not least with the TYA parade piece "I'm Going Home" with Medley- And other classics such as "Baby Please Do not Go", "Blue Suede Shoes", "Whole Lotta Shakin 'Goin' On", etc.

Conclusion: A strong evening with Hundred Seventy Split, which offered a successful balancing act from old-venerable and modern Bluesrock material. Leo Lyons' charismatic, as well as sympathetic appearance, his still lively activity in the low-frequency segment in combination with Gooch's guitars is absolutely worth a visit. Even our special Southern Rock niche magazine could even sporadic reference points. The sound was great. Overall, therefore, a very interesting thing! Thanks again to the Adler team for the problem-free accreditation.

Joe Gooch (lead vocals, guitar)
Leo Lyons (bass)
Damon Sawyer (drums)

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Hundred Seventy Split

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Leo Lyons
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